Province of New Brunswick - Canada

The New Brunswick Forest Products Commission is an independent Commission overseeing the marketing relationships involving forest industries (pulpmills and sawmills); forest products marketing boards (private woodlot owners and producers) and the provincial government.

The Commission, composed of seven members, reports directly to the Minister of Natural Resources.  It has an independent Chairman, two persons representing forest industries - one for pulpmills and one for sawmills, two persons representing private woodlot owners and producers, and two persons representing the Department of Natural Resources.


The New Brunswick Forest Products Commission (NBFPC) was established in 1971 by the Forest Products Act F-21 under the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture. The NBFPC was later transferred to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) by an Act to Amend the Forest Products Act – 1979 c.28, s. 1.

By 1972, the NBFPC, in conjunction with private woodlot owners and producers in the province, approved plebiscite procedures necessary to establish forest products marketing boards.

In 1977, the proclamation of the Natural Products Control Act - now the Natural Products Act -1999, the Forest Products Commission was given many of the same powers vested in the Farm Products Marketing Commission: “Where a board is proposed or established to control and regulate the marketing of primary forest products as defined in the Forest Products Act, or any natural products of the forest, the powers and duties of the Commission under this Act shall vest in the New Brunswick Forest Products Commission.”  By 1981 the seven forest products marketing boards had been established as follows:


1961        Madawaska Forest Products Marketing Board (MAD)

1973        North Shore Forest Products Marketing Board (NSH)

1974        Northumberland County Forest Products Marketing Board (NTH)

1978        York-Sunbury-Charlotte Forest Products Marketing Board (YSC)

1978        Carleton-Victoria Forest Products Marketing Board (CV)

1979        Southern New Brunswick Forest Products Marketing Board (SNB)

1981        South East New Brunswick Forest Products Marketing Bd. (SENB)

At the time of establishment one of the original tasks of the NBFPC was to encourage and facilitate the achievement of expanding markets and equitable prices for both the producer and the consumer of primary forest products. In an effort to achieve this, the Commission actively participated in the negotiation processes between mills and marketing boards.  In 1982 a regulation and in 2005 an Order of the NBFPC was established which sets out the criteria for boards and industries negotiating agencies. Thus, this activity is now the responsibility of the individual boards and companies and is monitored by the Commission.


We will create a sustainable framework to assist New Brunswick forest sector stakeholders to achieve the optimum utilization of private woodlot resources.


Through its legislated objectives, duties and powers, the Commission will effectively contribute to the economic, social and environmental benefits of the New Brunswick forest products sector by:

Providing a leadership role by working with all stakeholders.

Expanding and strengthening services and support to all stakeholders.

Ensuring the New Brunswick Forest Products Marketing Board system is effective and sustainable.

The Commission consists of an independent chair and six members. Two represent private woodlot owners; two represent the forest industry; and two represent the provincial Government (Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development).

The NBFPC generally meets on a monthly basis and more often when necessary.

An Executive Director manages the Commission’s daily business affairs with the help of Commission employees.

The NBFPC receives its funding from NRED.

The seven members are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council under the Forest Products Act for a specified period or until replaced.  A replacement appointment serves initially for the unexpired term of the person replaced.  The Executive Director is appointed by the Commission as a civil servant and is also appointed as Secretary to the Commission by the Minister of Natural Resources and Energy Development. Remunerations are determined by the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council for the Commission members, Executive Director and other Commission office staff. 

Brian Mosher
Appointed July 12, 2023 – Appointment ends July 11, 2028

Brian W. Mosher, K.C. is a life-long resident of New Brunswick, currently residing in the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield. A practicing lawyer since 1972, he has been the managing partner of the firm Mosher Chedore since 1982 and is also a member of the Canadian Bar Association, the Law Societies of New Brunswick and Saint John as well as the American and Atlantic Trial Lawyers Associations. His community service is extensive, having served as past chair of the Saint John Power Commission and as a director and organizer for numerous provincial and national committees and organizations. Brian has a passion for athletics, both as an award-winning participant as well as a promoter of professional sports, including past service as chair of committee to bring the CFL to New Brunswick and as past Director of a professional hockey club. Brian was awarded the distinction of Queen’s Counsel in 2003.  Brian previously served as chairman for the Commission from March 2012 to July 2018.

Mr. Brent Thompson
Appointed February 11, 2021 – 3-Year Appointment

Brent resides in Rothesay and is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management in 1983.  He has worked in the forest industry with J.D. Irving, Limited for more than 37 years in various capacities.  Since 2004, he has been Process Owner / Director of Wood Procurement and Measurement, responsible for wood purchasing and woodlot services (stumpage purchase) programs for JDI mills in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Maine.  These responsibilities also include wood measurement of wood products across all JDI mill sites.

Mr. Mike Legere
Appointed June 22, 2023  – 3-Year Appointment

Mike resides in Fredericton and is a graduate of Mount Allison University in 1988. He has worked in various aspects of the forest industry in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia for over 20 years. He is currently Director of Government Relations and Communications for AV Group.  He previously held the position of Executive Director with ForestNB from 2014 to March 2021.

Ms. Susan Willis
Appointed June 22, 2023 – 3-Year Appointment

Susan resides in New Market, NB. She holds a HBScF from Lakehead University (2012), a MScF from University of New Brunswick (2022) and is a member of the ARPFNB. She has worked in various positions as a forestry supervisor and researcher in British Columbia and New Brunswick for over 10 years. Additionally, she has been co-owner of a full-service logging company operating in NB on Private and Crown lands since 2016 (previously established in BC) and owns woodlots in southern NB.  

Mr. Mario Comeau
Appointed May 27, 2021 – 3-Year Appointment

Mario resides in the Chaleur region and is retired after an over 30-year career in the Canadian Air Force.  He spends his retirement time working on his woodlot. Since 2014, he has also served as Chairman of the North Shore Forest Products Marketing Board and he is also currently a member of the Beresford Local Service District Advisory Committee.


Paul Orser
Appointed July 12, 2022 –  4-Year Appointment

Paul splits his time between Nauwigewauk and Bathurst.  He is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick and the University of Western Ontario.  He is a registered professional Forester and Professional Engineer.  He owns woodlots in the southern NB region. 

Mr. Tim Fox, Executive Directory / Secretary

Tim resides in Hawkshaw and is a 1990 graduate of the Maritime Forest Ranger School.  He has been employed in this position since February 2013.  Before his employment with the Commission, he was employed as General Manager of the Carleton-Victoria Forest Products Marketing Board for 12 years.  During that time, he was appointed twice as a member of the Commission representing producers.  Prior to his time with the Marketing Board, he was employed by a former Crown Licensee in various forest management roles.  He also currently serves as a volunteer member of the advisory board for the Dumfries Local Service District.

Mr. Kevin Barry, Manager - Forest Products Market Analytics

Kevin resides in Fredericton and holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick.  Experienced in both the private and public sectors, Kevin is now in his second tenure with the Commission.

Mr. Chris Case, Regulations Analyst

Chris resides in Fredericton and graduated from Atlantic Business College in 1994. He has been employed with the Commission since March 2002 in an administrative support role for most of that time but has been in the position of Regulations Analyst since 2020. Before being employed at the Commission, he worked in various government departments.

Rebecca Eldridge, Forest Products Market Analyst

Rebecca holds a Master of Science in Aquatic Ecotoxicology from University of Manitoba and undergraduate degree in Environmental Sustainability from Dalhousie University.  She currently resides in Fredericton and has been in this position since September 2021.  Before being employed at the Commission, she worked in the aquaculture and marine science research industry in Charlotte County.

Ms. Nicole LeBlanc, Administrative Support

Nicole resides in Minto and graduated from NBCC Moncton in 1994.  She was employed with the Commission from May 2002 until August 2012 before moving to London, ON. She returned to New Brunswick in 2015 and was again employed with the Commission.  Before being employed with the Commission, she worked in various government departments.